After 200 years of existence, Ligatne Paper Mill has been reborn, slowly becoming a self-sufficient environment. Here we will resume paper production, as well as create a place for culture and art, such as creative workshops, master classes, slow lifestyle events, concerts, exhibitions, and other harmonious initiatives.

Paper Production

Soon in Ligatne, paper machines will continue their work, and paper production will be revived! The story of paper production will begin with high-quality watercolor paper from cotton, combining modern possibilities with the old paper production traditions.

Papīrfabrikas Festivāls ’24

A harmonious lifestyle festival that will let you experience outdoor taste, cosmic sounds, meaningful conversations, creative expressions, and inspiration.

Guided Tours

A unique opportunity to visit an authentic paper factory which is a place where it seems time has stopped, and you can experience different cultural layers.


Harmoniously Held Paper Factory Festival

On Saturday, August 12th, the "Papīrfabrikas Festivāls" unfolded within the historic Līgatne paper mill, offering a harmonious lifestyle experience for families...