About Us

Ligatne Paper Mill is reviving!

Ligatne Paper Mill is an environment where nature's beauty, architectural magnificence, and 200-year-old traditions merge with the energy of enthusiasts to restore this area.

The story of the new Ligatne Paper Mill began in 2022 with preserving and restoring historical buildings and, of course, cleaning up the surrounding environment and nature. Soon in Ligatne, paper machines will continue their work to produce high-quality watercolor paper. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience it and be present by participating in various workshops and master classes related to paper, graphics, and other artistic expressions.

Ligatnes Paper Mill is open to creative and engaging initiatives, cultural and art events, activities promoting a slow and green lifestyle, concerts, exhibitions, and master classes.

This is a place to create together. Clean up and rebuild the "heart" of Ligatne together and fill it with harmonious initiatives.

Edgars Ricevs, the owner, says:

“Paper Mill is a unique complex on the Ligatne River banks, which has created a whole town around it! We want to give this place a new life by restarting paper production and creating a space for creative expressions, workshops, and celebrations. We want to create a self-sufficient environment for those who want to make their everyday life more peaceful and fulfilled, as well as create the surrounding area more harmonious and ecological!”